About us

"Life is too important to take seriously," said our founder Herbert Mederer in 1975 and created the Trolli brand to manufacture the tastiest and craziest candies with unique creativity, attention to detail and the highest quality, and still today our ultimate goal is to offer the ultimate fun in gummy candies.
Herbert Mederer (left) and Willy Mederer (right)
How it all started...

The history of Trolli began in 1948 with the founding of the confectionery company "Wilmed" by Willy Mederer, father and role model of today's Trolli owner Herbert Mederer. With his mint fondant, as well as other exquisite creations, he won over the sweet tooth. His ingenuity and innovative talent lead him to constantly expand the range with new creations. The demand for baked goods is so great that he needs all the support he can get, so Mederer's son Herbert starts to help with the family business.

Trolli goes international

With passion, creativity and innovative strength, father and son ensured variety in the confectionery market and gave the company a more appropriate name with their bold and creative creations: Trolli. In 1982, the first "Trolli Originals", such as apple and peach rings, hit the market. The family-owned company dared to make the leap across the pond and began to cause a sensation in the United States as well.

In 1984, Herbert Mederer takes over the management of the family-owned company as managing director and relentlessly creates innovative treats. Starting with the crazy "Wurrli", a brightly colored worm that is created on an innovative brass lathe. Followed by one of his most prized creations: the Trolli Burger. When the bestseller, Sour Glowworms, is released in 1993, it not only achieves cult status, but also earns Herbert Mederer the Candy Kettle Award in recognition of his inventiveness.


And that was the starting point for making Trolli even more international. Production facilities were added in Spain in 1993 and in China in 1999. The newly acquired production facility in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in 2000 also provided additional capacity. Two years later, Mederer enters the American market again and starts marketing in the USA, Canada and Mexico under the e.frutti brand to continue offering fun and crazy creations.

Since then, Trolli has continued to develop in its home market of Germany and around the world to bring more and more people the ultimate candy fun. And the best thing about this success story is that it is far from over.