Most of our articles contain lactic acid. The name "lactic acid" has a historical background. This acid was first isolated from sour milk in the 18th century, which is why it was called "lactic acid". Hoy en día, el ácido láctico se fabrica principalmente a partir de almidón o azúcar y no tiene ninguna relación con los animales, salvo el nombre de "láctico". Por supuesto, nos aseguramos de que nuestros proveedores sólo suministren ácido láctico vegano. Este procedimiento es también un requisito previo para llevar la etiqueta de vegano.

With us, only the best is in the bag. Because at Trolli we value quality at the highest level. To this end, we have regular audits carried out at our production facilities as part of the quality management system according to IFS - International Food Standard. In addition, an accredited external laboratory periodically analyzes the raw materials and finished products we use. The analysis is then evaluated by independent experts, thus ensuring that you can enjoy our gummy candies without any worries!

IFS stands for "International Food Standard" and is a food quality assurance system. For many years now, our production sites have been certified at the highest level ("High Level") within the framework of this system. "IFS" meets and exceeds by far all state regulations and offers, together with the integrated HACCP system, maximum safety for our products.

To give our gummy candies their unique texture, we use only high quality gelatine of porcine and bovine origin. To make sure we offer the best in every bag, our raw materials are regularly checked by external laboratories and have always obtained the best marks.

Vegans and vegetarians can also eat treats with us. Because all products that we have marked with the vegan label of the European Vegetarian Union are free of gelatine and other animal products. Instead of gelatine, we use gelling agents such as starch or pectin. In some cases, vegetarian products contain beeswax or dairy components, so we clearly differentiate them from vegan products. Our vegan and vegetarian items are marked with a symbol.

Yes, our customers' wishes are important to us. Therefore, we offer a Halal range, which is produced with Halal-certified beef gelatine. In addition, we work with our raw material suppliers to ensure that our Halal products meet Halal requirements and that our fruit flavors and extracts do not contain alcohol. You can recognize these products by the Trolli Halal logo.

Emulsifiers are used to bind two immiscible substances, such as oil and water. The emulsifier E471 is a combination of fatty acids. For us, this emulsifier is of vegetable origin.

No. Trolli has decided not to use azo dyes. Because it is important to us that you can enjoy our products without any worries. Azo dyes are synthetic dyes and are suspected of causing hyperactivity.

Most of our products are "Gluten Free", and are marked with our own "Gluten Free" seal on the packaging. All verified products undergo analytical controls that ensure the absence of gluten.